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Hello LinuxPLC members,

I have been brushing up on my C and in the end of the week, I came
across GTK+. Well I can make menus etc. on GTK now, it is rather simple
and a bit similar to VB etc.

I believe that if we plan to use the GUI at a later stage and give
support to the various IEC-61131-3 standards, then we will have to
rethink on our strategy of implementing the present system.

Though the logic can remain the same, each function block will have to
be split into individual units (say timer, atoi, average etc.).

Then the corresponding logic needs to be attached to the buttons which
will be used by the programmer for GUI.
Once the GUI elements are in place then we further need to write a c
script file which will be compiled and so on.
Thus the main routines (initialization of hardware, reservation of
memory and reliability issues can be inbuilt using C, but program
elements will have to be rearranged.

Again the compiled program which will then be a part of the PLC needs to
be decompiled.

Any thoughts in these areas.


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Any graphics toolkit, such as GTK+, would be a plus in such a project. However, there will still be a considerable amount of work in translating the GUI representations to the raw logic that the Linux-PLC core will process. (Perhaps I am stating the obvious to this group). The designers of the GUI glue would need to know the formats or the APIs of the raw logic processing code. The group might be working on such a standard. I'm too new here to know yet.

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