Using Micromaster 440 PROFIBUS-DP with Siemens TI PLCs


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Ranjan Acharya

Dear List,

We are just starting to investigate using Siemens Micromaster 440 VFDs with PROFIBUS-DP and Siemens TI PLCs (specifically the TI555-1106 with built in
PROFIBUS-DP - a FIM is also available).

The FIM does not appear to access the drives (as of today's tinkering with TISOFT and APT). We have just started to play with the PLC front port.

Is anyone on the list aware of any limitations regarding the TI PLCs unique PROFIBUS-DP and the Micromaster 440?

We have used other Siemens VFDs in the past without any problems with TI PLCs via PROFIBUS-DP.



Daniel Chartier

Hello Ra;
I've used the MM440 with TI555/545 CPUs, on the DP master port, with no problem; one quirk though: once the MM440 is integrated (merged) to Tisoft, it is assigned a memory address range so the program can access it; when using values in ladder logic of the TI555 (MOVE, for example) it only allows decimal values; if you wish to initialise the drive with a hex 447E value, you should move dec 17534 to that address. Same thing when reading status values from the drive.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier