Using MPI to connect S7-300 to LG HMI


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I need some help. I have S7-300 PLC from Siemens and HMI LG PMU 730 from LG. I found in LG manual that I can connect them together if I will use MPI.

What is MPI? Does anyone have some experience with communication between PLC S7 and LG HMI?


MPI is Multi Point Interface.
In Siemens PLCs you can find this interface use to connect the programmer PC (PG). And also can use the Remote ios DP stations. But you can't connet the next PLC.
MPI --> Multi Point Interface is a proprietary protocol from Siemens with close similarity to profibus ( features wise ) i.e. you can connect
upto 32 MPI supporting devices ( PLC / HMI / Third party device with MPI driver ) on a network with speed band from 12MBPS to 100MBPS. If you say
that LG HMI manual confirms that the HMI you are using supports MPI communication, then you can communicate by using MPI interface Adaptor
cable between PLC & HMI. It is the same MPI Adaptor interface you need for programming a S7 300 PLC from your PC.

Revert back on our email if you need any more help on getting the MPI adaptor cable.

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