Using Pac-Sci 950 with Modicon 984 PLC


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Kyle Polster

As of now, I have the Modicon 984 setup as the Modbus master using their XMIT block, but it still will not communicate with the PAc-Sci 950. I am looking for someone who has done this application in the past and could lend me a helping hand. As far as I can see, all of my parameters are correct and I should be able to communicate between the two, but no luck. Maybe there is one little secret that I cannot figure out. If you have any experience with this, any info would be a great help. Thanks.

Hello Kyle,

I have completed a couple of projects using the XMIT and the MSTR function blocks to control drive packages. Please feel free to contact me off-list. I may be able to offer some insight.

Bradley G. Hite
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