Using PCI-85 cards in PCI-X slots

No. The PCI-85 card is a 5V card and is keyed on the bottom of the card to prevent insertion into a 3.3V PCI slot. PCI-X is a 64 bit implementation of PCI 3.3V. The cards won't physically insert into the slot. This knocks out using popular rack servers like the Proliant DL360, or Dell 2650.

Michael Griffin

I had a look on the ASUS web site and found several boards with those specs. You are looking for PCI 2.2 or lower. Support for 5V only cards was removed in PCI version 2.3.

Have a look at the reply I made in "Re: PC: Schneider Modbus+ PCI Card Replacement" for some other factors that have to be considered as well.
I rescind my previous comment. All the diagrams and illustrations show the PCI-85 card keyed as a 5V card. However, when I actually received a card in hand (this was a 416NHM30030A card, not a 416NMH30030), it is DUAL KEYED and will work in 3.3V AND 5V slots. So YES this card will work in 3.3V PCI-X slots.