Using pda with slc 504 / dh+ network


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I have a number of slc 504s on a DH+ hiway that I would like to obtain some remote data wirelessly. Has anyone used PDAs for this purpose and what are your comments if so?
At the plant I am currently working with, the IT and support staff have begun using PDAs to monitor their processes, and control them from the floor using the wireless network. The simplest solution they found has been to run VNC, a shareware type software for remote connections. Using VNC they link their PDA to their desktop screens and navigate their dektop environment remotely.

For example, run RSView on the desktop, along with Logix, and then connect using the PDA version of VNC and you have you connection with no special programing involved. It works for everything you can run on a desktop, and/or tolerate on a PDA screen. Just make RSView screens (or the equivalent) small enough to look good or scroll around larger ones.

Vince Jones