Using scroll wheel with Concept V2.2 XL


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I have a scroll wheel on two computers running Concept V2.2 XL and both of the programs act differently. Why?

When I select a program section on one computer and move the scroll wheel, the section scrolls up and down. Depressing the scroll wheel allows scrolling in any direction I point the mouse. The other computer does not respond to scroll movement or depressing at all.

Why the difference. Schneider blames it on my mouse driver, but the scroll wheel works fine for other applications (Word, Netscape, Visio, etc) on both computers.

I love these features and have become somewhat dependent on them. I don't want to go back to the scroll bars! Does anyone know what would be causing this, I have checked all the application files that I can and have found no differences.
Mine does not work either. If you figure it out, be sure to post it up here.

BTW, i am leaning towards thinking its the driver too. I just dont have the inclination, or the time to try changing it.

Just because it works on other applications does not mean it will work with gawds gift to the garbage heap that we sometimes refer to as concept. And BTW, when they say its a driver problem, thats code for 'our software sucks and we forgot to program a lot of that new-fangled functionality into it'

-jeff (Not that I've been hating, err ... using concept a lot lately. Don't mind that twitch. its nothing that ending this project wont cure.)