Using Sensors w/PLC's for Mobile Monitorin


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Can someone point me to any information on how to monitor engine speed, several pressures and a dozen or so temperatures on mobile equipment using a single display panel, such as the ones sold by Optimation (or similar)? I don't know
anything about PLC's, etc. (yet) and I'm wondering how to go about it, and whether it would be practical. I would also want the system to allow me to monitor the sensor readings manually (logging not necessary), and automatically monitor them for over-limit conditions, sounding an alert and/or illuminating a warning light to indicate a problem.
It is practical, consider a ruggedized PLC with 24VDC power and a wide temperature rating. There are specialist PLC suppliers that offer
products for mobile, outdoor applications.

My company has used ruggedized programmable controls in mobile mining and logging equipment, where vibration is unavoidable and temperatures
are ±40 C.

Just search the web for the following vendors, AMOT controls, EPEC OY, and IFM ECOMAT.


Al Boake P.E.
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Thanks for the info. I've contacted two of the three you mentioned. So far, it appears to be even more expensive to go this route than it would be to use discrete gauges with overlimit sensing capability, which is hard to believe.
I'm looking for a lower cost solution (around $1000 or so), but perhaps it doesn't exist.



I've been helping a Pennsylvania company produce exactly the instrumentation you're looking for.
We've installed a bunch of them in mining vehicles and they work great. If you'd like additional info, drop me a note.

Mark Hill
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