Using Sensors w/PLC's for Mobile Monitoring


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Can someone point me to any information on how to monitor engine speed, several pressures and a dozen or so temperatures on mobile equipment using
a single display panel, such as the ones sold by Optimation (or similar)? I don't know anything about PLC's, etc. (yet) and I'm wondering how to go about it, and whether it would be practical. I would also want the system to allow me to monitor the sensor readings manually (logging not
necessary), and automatically monitor them for over-limit conditions, sounding an alert and/or illuminating a warning light to indicate a
Many products are availabe in the race car industry that can be adapted to engine and chassis set up or temperature and pressure. The information can uploaded with little effort. Start at F1 pages and work down - NASCAR and look
for links. They offer a huge amount of information. All in neat packages. Europe and England is the hub.
Thanks Bob Hogg

Darran Weissenborn


You may wish to consider our Wireless Ethernet products, which, will enable the IO to be placed remotely and the data to be observed on a PC
using just your browser!

If you want to log the data, we can provide (FOC) a realtime logging interface using Microsoft Access too!


Darran Weissenborn