Using SYCON-PB to Connect to YOKOGAWA


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Hello all.

I want to connect Yokogawa and Siemens via Profibus DP protocol.
In the instructions of Yokogawa it is written that you need to use the program SYCON-PB/YOKO (Product of Hilscher Co.). On the site
this program is missing. The google search results did not give...

Please tell me how to solve the problem.



You need to have a CD media with a license key for this s/w, usually supplied along with the DCS by Yokogawa subject to the Profibus S/w license. As a prerequisite this s/w to be installed in the DCS EWS, and then the mapping table of profibus with unique iD of the Profibus devices to be imported under the ALP111/ACP71 sub folders. Once the above steps are done then the relevant Communication parameters to be set under the Sycon-Hilscher menu and then down load to the ALP111/ACP71 modules.Refer to the ALP111/ACP71 Instruction manuals for the specific directories as well as the Hilscher manual for detailed info.

good luck.