Using WinCC Flexible with Micro/WIN


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Juuso L

I am a student and I need help with a school project of mine. The project is about controlling a plc with a TP-177 micro touchpanel.

I am using the programs WinCC flexible, for the touchpanel, and Micro/WIN for the PLC (s7-200). The problem is, that I have never used WinCC flexible before, and can't get any guidance.

What I am trying to do, is to make a RS block with Micro/WIN and try to make two buttons for the panel to control the S and R. By pressing the other button -> making Q0.0 active and by pressing the other, reset Q0.0 .

How can I make the buttons with WinCC flexible to control the RS block? What should I do (name the inputs and so on) I hope somebody understands what I am trying to do. I just have no clue what to do with the WinCC program.