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virrat devaser

dear sir

i m doing a project which needs to connect a unix server and a windows server to share information. how can i use the winsock conrol to make it possible?

waiting for your reply

hello Virat,
At the TCP/IP level there is no difference between a Unix machine and an NT machine- the Winsock dll or ActiveX component sits above the TCP stack (closer to yr application). So effectively u communicate(over TCP/IP) in the same way as u would with another Windows machine.
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Ahmed Sherif Amin

Dear Sir,

Sun Microsystem Java 2 platform, can develop such interfaces with easy and little of knowledge about tcp/ip sockets, as you can open a server socket and client sockets on both systems and exchange your data easily as if writing a file stream.

I recomend this way as the code will be the same in both platforms, as this is one of Java benefit.

If you need more information, i would be pleased to help.

Ahmed Sherif Amin