Utilization of C Language Libraries in Yokogawa DCS


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Mihir Ramkrishna

I want to utilize the C language libraries of the DCS. I would be highly obliged if some one can explain me their utilities and how best and how I can use them with suitable examples. Please start from where to write the program. An example will be highly appreciated. can I carry out computations with the tags of the FCS if yes how.. Can I run these programs from ICS./ If yes how?
Hi there Mihir,

Hmmm, briefly speaking here's how it "works".

1) Install C support Builder package provided by Yokogawa into ICS;
- it provides wide range of library functions
- read from & write to tags in FCS
- full sets of "include" files

2) Alternatively, you can compile your "own" C program under System V, but;
- you have to figure out how to establish socket connections with FCS

3) Place your C object code in "/users1/???/" directory in ICS. (hint! place it in the same directory as file "x_sssnap")

4) Configure it as touch button on graphic page. If your C program is called "mihir". Then assign "mihir". Load graphic page. Touch it, Off
you go!

Please DO call your local Yokogawa Sales Office for further details.

They can furnish you with detailed ICS optional software packages that you can install and most important of all... instruction manuals on
the said topic.

"Do it safely, use Yokogawa optional software packages"