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Does anyone know the manufacturer of a UV Flame Sensing Phototube (or Solid State Photodiode) for Flame Monitoring application in the Burner Control Instrumentation? We manufacture Burner Control Instruments and we want this component in Bulk quantity.

Many times in my carreer I was involved with burner flame detectors. At the time, there was almost only one name on the market

thad hoffman

I am familiar with inexpensive 2D cameras with UV and IR capabilities used for viewing plasma and combustion driven processes. I would suggest calling our optical engineer, Jon Bolstad, at 208.523.5506 to discuss the application in more detail. I believe there is a cheap solution for you if you're still interested.

Powerplus Engineers

We, Powerplus Engineers, are a manufacturer of Flame sensing System. We manufacture Flame scanners suitable for sensing oil, coal, gas flames. Our product range includes UV,IR,Visible light flame scanners suitable for wall fired as well as corner fired boilers. For more information, please email: [email protected]
Blue Wave Semiconductors, Inc. just came out with a new cost effective UV sensor that has applications in flame detection. It is a solar blind solid state detector with extremely good exclusion of visible light and has a very quick response rate. If you need additional information, email me and I will direct you to someone that can give you technical information that you will need. [email protected]
We mint Engineering Industries dealing impoted UV
Detector for sensing uv inthe range of 190nm to
250nm.kindly contact us with your requirements.