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Caroline Yanz

As the development of flowmeter, we all know V-cone flowmeters apply to Bernoulli's principle and make a flight than Orifice Flowmeter...

Does anyone understand what's the advantage when measuring fuel gas?

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We have not used it yet, but still know little
about it:

1] Rangeability
2] Space limitation
3] Accuracy


Hello Walt Boyes.

Thank you for your reply, I consulted McCrometer information, and found some.

Seems you are the editor of ControlGlobal, would you like to introduce some about your website in measuring industry area?

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I don't advertise on this or any other engineering list, Caroline. I have been a member of this list for over 10 years, for the specific purpose of being of assistance because I have a lot of experience. Talking too much about my magazine's website is, in my opinion, advertising, and I don't think that's appropriate.

And anybody who wants to can always visit it and decide if they like it.



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Dear sir,

For the fuel gas, as far as I know vortex flow meter can instead of Dp flow meter completely.
With an accuracy of +/- 1.5% I would not use on a Fuel Gas Measurement or control installation.
What type of installation are you controlling?
A Vortex meter is probably the best option for both accuracy and costs.

Rohit Chandak

Check out Veris products http://www.veris-inc.com especially ACCELABAR Flow Meter, which doesn't require straight length & produces turn down of 65:1.

VERABAR could be alternative choice for large pipe applications.

Rohit Chandak

With ACCELARBAR accuracy is +/-0.75% of reading on entire turn down of 65:1. On lower turndown you can expect an accuracy of +/-0.5% as well. The best turndown that Vortex can deliver is around 15:1 & accuracy is highly dependent on the straight length of 10D upstream & 5D downstream. ACCELABAR is the best choice.
I think there's some aspect to be considered before choosing the flow meter type, for instance:

1) Your application (Is it for custody transfer?)
2) What kind of accuracy do you expect?
3) The available space
4) Pipe size
5) etc.

Otherwise the discussion is flowing without conclusion.

Just for example--one of my experience--the flow meter in gas receiving station (custody transfer) is using ultrasonic-time of flight - flow meter.

The consideration behind this application was:
1. Following AGA standard
2. Avoiding permanent pressure drop
3. Accuracy of < +/- 0.3% of actual flow
4. Ease of maintenance
5. etc.

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