Vacuum Condensor Level Transmitter


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I have problem with vacuum condesor level DP trnasmitter. The problem is:

1- there is no water at the high side leg (there is just vacuum).

2- there is no water at the low side leg.

3- I have filled out the high and low sides by water, but the high side get empty again.

4- the water level at low side is Vibrating.

5- I can not get a differential pressure between the low and hight side to calibrate the dpt.

I have used pneumatic and digital transmitter. I have used champer level with the same problem.

please help :'(
Is this a new installation?

I think you are opening the tubing at the transmitter expecting water to come out, of course it won't. You are just allowing air in which will blow the water back into the condenser.

If the pressure is low enough the water in the high side (top connection) will boil off. Look at a set of steam tables.

If this is an existing installation, I assume it's been working before. Is there a condensate pot at the top connection, small tank holding about 1/2 liter?

What is the calibrated range of the transmitter?