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Bath, Andray AC

I have a problem with Valvelink software that I was hoping that
somone could help me with.

The control valves on our plant over time get different positioners
attached to it (i.e. replacment, mix-ups during valve overhauls
etc.). It is a very useful tool to keep signatures of control
valves that are used in particular places within the process. It is
useful to build up a history of signatures of the valve that is
used in that particular place in the process. When changing
positioners how can I use the old information from the database to
download to the new positioner? It may be helpful to know that:
- we would like the "HART" tag of the instrument to be recorded as
the same tag name as that in the database (i.e. the "HART" tag
stored in the instrument should be the same as the tag stored in
the database e.g. LCV5620 - Level Control Valve for Loop Number 5620)
- we would like to avoid the situation of having duplicate tags

Presently, each time a new positioner is fitted the complete valve
set-up needs to be done again. Furthermore, the old tag in the
database prevents the new positioner from being given that tag name)
so valve signatures can be recorded under the same tag.

Any help would be appreciated.

Lorin Miller

Try using the Query and Match selection of ValveLink. This lets you link the previous tag database information with the new tag.

To copy Detailed Setup information from another tag to a new tag, open the new tag Detailed Setup, and click the "Copy From Tag" button at the bottom of the window. The software prompts you for the instrument that you want to copy. It then puts the instruments setup data into the ValveLink Dataset column. You can then modify the data as needed and save it.

Lorin Miller
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