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Niall M Watson

Dear List

When attempting to connect VB6 (or VisData) to an Access 2000 DB, I get the following error:

Run-time error 3343
Unrecognized database format
'Database Name.mdb'

Can anyone shed any light on why this should be.....

Thanks in advance

Niall Watson

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Jerry Bumgarner

How are you trying to connect? ADO? Access2000 DB's are a different format than previous version of Access. VisData in VB6 can't connect to an Access2000 DB because it tries to use the older Jet engine. The best way is to use the latest version of ADO and build a connection string similar to that used to connect to SQL Server 7 If you need specifics, email me directly and I can help you with it.

Daniel Boudreault

You need to update your VB6 data access dll (ocx).
VB6 comes with Access 97 data objects...

I believe Microsoft has the upgrade on their website.

Dan B.
Version problems. Access 95 requires a differnet DLL (ie is incompatible) with '97, whilst Office 2000 gives you a choice of installations, one that is compatible with Office 97, and one that is compatible with MS SQL server, but an 'MS 2000 system' does not appear to support a 95 database. Is that clear? No I don't understand the full scenario either but it is most likely the root of the problem, it was for me;-)

Have fun.

John F. Vales

You need Data access 2.5.
This is available from Microsoft in their VB Service Pack 4, now available.
I just installed the service pack, and it solved a few problems, but created one particularly ugly and obvious one--- you can no longer print form images is design-mode. You can only use the .PRINTFORM method at run-time to create a form image. This makes debugging suck a bit.

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Ramon Moncada

you need to change the preferences on VB6. select DAO 3.6 on preferences it should work find. if you do not find it in the list of preferences. click browse, then go to program file\common Shared\DAO\DAO360.dll This will let you use access 2000 databases

RAYED, I did that but still it gives me the problem,saying "unrecognized database format". Can you tell what might be the problem.
i have installed vb_sp4 and update MDAC2.5 .. but the visdata in vb6 can't use access2000 database .. could you help me ....thanks...^^

Niall Gilsenan

I think you may need to change the properties of your ADO controls to Access2000 from Access. I installed VBSP4 and my program kept throwing me that error till I changed all the ADO controls to Access2000.
hi i am a CS student and facing the same problem as you. When attempting to connect VB6 to an Access 2000 DB, I get the following error: "Run-time error 3343 Unrecognized database format 'dynic.mdb' if you find some information regarding this then kindly reply me asap as my project is hanging in the middle because of this. Thanks in advance Junaid Butt.
Hi, I'm running Visual Studio 6 Professional. I've loaded the service pack 5 (yep, all 133 meg) but still have this same problem. I thought that the service packs from Microsoft were backwards compatible and that should have taken care of the problem. I'm kinda at a loss. Anyone got any suggestions?
Here's what i have. connectionstring = "Provider = Microsoft.Jet.oledb.3.51;" & _ "Data Source = a:\comp.mdb" adoconn.Open connectionstring That works with access97 but not 2000. Thanks.
If you use data controls change the connect property from access to access 2000.
Access 2000 uses DAO 3.6 (Dao360.dll) and Jet 4
Check your properties -> references to refer to Microsoft DAO 3.6
This is due to incompatibility between Access97 and Access 2000 formats; Microsoft recommends installing VB service pack 4 to solve this problem
change the provider from 3.51 to 4.0
after installing the latest MDEC (ver 2.6)

works like a charm.
> i have installed vb_sp4 and update MDAC2.5 .. but the visdata in vb6 can't use access2000 database .. could you help me ....thanks...^^ <

So do I, I can change the datacontainer's connect property from / to access / access2000, but no way that visdata in VB6 will do this

help ???