VB and device remote control (using Client and server)


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Yaser Khadour

I've been using VB6 to control some machines (for Example Electrometer). I need Winsock together with MSComm (machine is connected with the Client and it is connected with the server using Ethernet or PLC...)
I want to send data packet (for example adresses and commands for each machine) server to Client on other side, and receive answer (for example load profile data).
if you know anything that could help me pls inform me.

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I have the same issue please help me also if you find a solution to this.

Shweta (shwetas(AT)netedgecomputing.com)

Santosh Mestry

Hi Yaser Khadour
To communicate to PLC through PC, there is PROTOCOL (e.g. MODBUS or OTHER). Please check which protol support for your PLC and then write ACTIVEX.EXE (General purpose) or Code that support to that protocol.