VB code that talks to SLCs (was: logging data from micrologix 1500 to SQL)


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Gary Weage

Alex wrote:
> > Why is it that we see people nearly every week on this list asking how
they can talk to PLC with Microsoft Visual Basic. < <

Alex, some of us just want to learn it...to see how it's done. Everyone's mind looks to different levels of understanding. If we were all "want to know it down to the nth degree engineers", I'm afraid US business would be
is big trouble waiting for decisions. And if we were all "operational level thinkers" the gadgets would never get built that business thrives on. Thank the Lord we all have different interests.

Having said that, John (or Alex, or whomever), I would sure like a copy (or a variety) of some VB code that talks to SLC's...using DF1 would be
fine. I may not ever "need" it, but would like to know more about it. Anyone legally able to send me some? Thanks! [email protected]


Pierre R. Hinse CET

Go to Amazon.com and pick up this book:
Home Automation Basics, Practical Applications Using Visual Basic 6.
By Thomas E. Leonik.

Don't let the title mislead you, this book is a great for industrial automation primer.

Have fun!,

Pierre R. Hinse CET
Industrial Automation Specialist
There is a file called SLCComm.ocx that can be downloaded from winsite.com.

It will communicate with SLC 5/04 and MicroLogix.
It is an evaluation package but only costs $35.00
to purchase. It comes with a help file and an example VB project that will show you how to use the control.
> There is a file called SLCComm.ocx that can be downloaded from winsite.com.

You don't happen to have a current link to this file, do you? We're trying to get some old equipment running for a lab demo at our university.