vb.net coding for modbus protocol


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I want to get vb.net coding for modbus communication. I want to use free modbus protocol.
I'm looking at the same thing myself.

TCPDAQ.dll or the ActiveX control that comes with the eDAM-9050 will do it, I'm just struggling to get my head round accessing the unit counters. I don't know if it's proprietary to the unit though - have a look at www.inlog.com.tw/db/UploadFiles/EDAM9K_DLL.pdf - it's quite an extensive manual and may give you some ideas. The Unit was £99 from www.audon.co.uk - my be worth it just to get the software? I also got the lite version of DAQFactory with it but haven't used it yet.
Automated Solutions offers Modbus drivers for use in .NET applications. Price is $99 for a single machine license. Full development licenses are also available for deployment to multiple PCs.

Free 30 day trial is available at: http://automatedsolutions.com/products/dotnet/ascomm/

This product can be used as a straight driver but also has tag database capability supporting data change events and incorporates visual design so you can configure your communications and data points without writing a single line of code. Plenty of examples and a complete Help system are included.