VB program to connect ADAM 4060 from Advantech


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Hi Friends,

I am having ADAVANTECH Relay module ADAM 4060. I want to make a VB program to enable relays of that module.

Can anybody help with this?

Yes, I can help, I have developed on program in SCADA using VBA, similar type of logic you can use in VB.

If you're interested in that program, please contact me on my email ID.

Fred Loveless

Your best option will probably be to use an OPC or DDE Server. Kepware has a driver called the User Configurable or UCON driver. This driver, which runs on the server, allows you to configure the the requests and response for communicating to ADAM devices via their ASCII commands.

We have already created profiles for talking to the ADAM 4022.

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

You can also download a fully functioning demo at http://www.kepware.com.

Fred Loveless
Technical Support Manager
Kepware Technologies