VB, VB.NET, JAVA... which is best for automation?


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Hello sir,

Welcome to the automation world. I am new to this site. Basically I am a PLC, SCADA programmer.
Let me know which has the rapid growth in automation in software means: VB, VB.NET, Java. Just please give me the reply.

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I guess VB has been used somewhat. Java is not appropriate because it is non-deterministic. Any logic loop will be stopped during garbage
collection, for example.

Look at LabView (National Instruments) as an option for PC based control.
Very functional.

--Joe Jansen

Michael Griffin

You have asked a couple of contradictory questions, so I will answer you in this way. Firstly, "VB dot Net" has replaced the old "classic VB". The two are not completely compatible, but the latter is obsolete and no longer supported, while the former is a current product. So the question essentially comes down to VB dot Net versus Java.

You asked "which is best for automation?" Without more information all I can say is - perhaps one, perhaps the other, perhaps neither. "Automation" is a fairly broad field, and it depends upon what you are actually doing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is not possible to give you a more detailed answer without you giving some actual criteria for the choice.

You also asked "which has rapid growth in automation?" I would have to say neither, since both are already well established. In the general computing field all the recent news has been on the Java side (e.g. SUN releasing their implementation under the GPL, GNU planning to merge their libraries with SUN, etc.), but it is difficult to say what that means to your particular situation.

Part of the problem is you are trying to compare apples to oranges. "VB" and Java are not used for the same purposes. "VB" is used mainly for custom applications. In many cases these are written by people who know just enough to hack something functional together, which is why programmers who only know VB have such a poor reputation among professional programmers. Java tends to be used in larger and more complex applications, and is also used in a lot of places where VB won't work at all.

Which do I happen to "like"? I happen to prefer Python and 'C'. But really, any programming language is just a tool with the more you happen to know how to use, the better.

Michael Griffin

Microsoft VB dot Net uses a very similar garbage collection algorithm to the most common Java VM. If garbage collection is a problem for Java, then it's a problem for VB and anything else involving MS dot Net.

Java is a lot more widespread than VB, and there are alternate Java VMs that use different garbage collection algorithms that are more suitable for real time use (it's essentially a trade off between efficient use of memory and latency).
VB.NET and Java,
i work with both of them,
i also work with labview.

the things that i can say here is,
VB.Net is good but only if you want to implement user interface for small sized program.
there is no systematic disciplines in it to support a large program.

java is good for complex and big programs,
why? because it have discipline and system.
you can feel pure Object Oriented programming in it. also when you work with java you always have many choices for your decisions. just search it.
you have many libraries and utilities that help you in your long way.

labview only for small and test programs.
i do not like to lost in loops and function in labview.
labview is only for prototyping.
I am SORRY!!!

As a previous IT guy, I find your observation without justification. VB 6 was the programming suite for those that cannot program. Although it provided a Rapid Development Platform for those of us that CAN. VB.NET released to the entire programming world what used to belong to only C and C++ programmers. Before that we had to refer to an endless dll call..

Learn the object model and reveal an entire world that programmers are used to and use daily. If you fully understand the Java Object Model then .NET will be not problem.

You claim a understanding of OOE. Obviously not. You voiced your opinion, I merely respond!

VB 6 programmers are angry, mostly because good programmers lost their Rapid Development Tool. RAD.