VB6 codes for com-ports


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The communication port will be the bridge between my PC and the microcontroller. please give me a hand. It's very important and urgent.


Cristian Gliga

You can use the Microsoft Communication ActiveX control. It allows you to use any of the serial ports available on the host PC.

Good luck.
Cristian Gliga - Systems Integrator
Order "Serial Port Complete" by Jan Axelson, I got my copy from Amazon. All examples are in VB.

Raymundo D. Balderas

A good Sample code is in the same CD of VB6
Called "Vbterm"....

If when you installed your VB6 you included all Sample Codes you will find it in:

....\Microsoft Visual

Good luck.
My name is Jim Sanovia and I am doing an internship at NASA GSFC, and need some help with my project. Visual Basic 6.0. This is what I need help with:

[Programming Objective- (Visual Basic 6.0) "write a simulator" (a ganeric GIS program), that can Read GPS receiver data from a 'serial port' (at 1hrz and aircraft data file). I want to generate circular geometric methods where lasor hits the ground.]

I re-took the crash course Visual Basic 6.0 class here at Goddard to see if I missing something but it was of no help. My advisor mentioned that similar programs exist on the internet and might concider doing a copy paste but I not even sure what I am looking for.
Anyway, any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Jim Sanovia
please use my personal email address [email protected]