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The following was information supplied by Scale Company re the KI-20 instrument:

To obtain "Printer" data, the printer or computer initiates communication by sending DC1 (ASCII 17).

After DC1 response from the instrument, the computer sends DC2 (ASCII 18) + a 2 character ID (32).

The instrument sends then STX (ASCII 02) and a 2 character data identifier, which is 08 for gross mass in "Printer" data mode. After this, the weighing instrument waits for DC2 from the computer.

After receiving DC2, the weighing instrument sends the mass data, ETX (ASCII 03), a 4 character checksum and EOT (ASCII 04).<pre>
Example of "Printer" data:
| |D| |S| |E| CHECK |E|
| |C| |T| |T| SUM |O|
KI-20 | |1| |X|0|8| |1|2|3|4|5|0| |k|g|X| | | | |T|
PC |D| |D|3|2| |D| |ACK|
|C| |C| | |C| |or |
|1| |2| | |2| |NAK|</pre>
Characters are sent with a baudrate of 2400, the character format is: 1 start bit, 7 data bit, 1 odd parity bit and 1 stop bit.

Please can you help me with this little project.
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