VBA and RSLogix500


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David McAnally

Rockwell's RSLogix500 PLC interface supports Automation. One can start Excel, enter the VBA interface, and reference RSLogix500. One can then use the Object Browser to view RSLogix500's objects, but, at this point, things seem to go astray.

Is anyone out there doing this? I am trying to get PLC register information into Excel. I have SLC504 daisy chained on the Data Highway.

JR Musselman

I've had a lot of trouble with RSView's automation. In my opinion, the best and easiest way is to just launch a VB(exe), let the VB proggie grab some tags(data) and then do it all from VB. No limitiations!
Its easy to get information into Excel from RSLINX over DDE but it is not supported by the version of RSLINX distributed with the PLC programming or Panelview software. You need RSLINX OEM version which is liscensed and requires a key. It costs around $750.