Vegetable oil homogenization

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Hi friends,
Anyone from Automation List or out list, that have experience on mixer edible oil extracted of the African palm, can tell me how I can maintain homogenized vegetable oil on a storage tank.

The vegetable oil crude in storage tank forms extracts with different density. Does anyone know a system elemental and practical, and inexpensive for keeping vegetable oil homogenized in the tank, until it has been sent to refinement process?

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Nestor Royero C.
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Either pumping agitation or reverse circulation (having the circulating pump take suction from the top layer and discharging it into the tank buttom) will help. If you want to get more sophisticated, se my handbook on agitation and

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Tanweer Ahmed

Agitation is the most common method used for homogenization in food industry. The size of agitator will depend on the size of tank and viscosity of the crude oil. You can also use a number of agitators on the tank wall(s) arranged in such a way that the higher density oil settled at the bottom are moved to travel upwards. Hope
this is simple and practical.

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