velocity of ABB robots


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José Antonio Cruz

I would like to know for ABB robot the maximun velocity that can achieve. I guess that it would depend on the movement, but i would like to know if there is any estimation.
depends on the robot, too: ABB provides datasheets online at (look under product type: robots)

for the S4 controller, vmax for linear moves is defined as 5000 mm/s, however there additional speeds of 6000 & 7000 mm/s. v3000 is about the fastest I've ever pushed it.

Steven Shereda

just read this today 4/02. So this might be useless by now. jim was right about 7000mm/sec it can be used on any positioning instruction though most manipulators max out at 5000mm/sec (except 6400C or flexpicker 340) it won't make any difference in speed if you exceed that amount. you can also make your own speed data and change the name and declarations. this is helpfull
exspecially if using external axis. look in the rapid referance manual under speed data. also there are instructions to change/limit acceleration, and to limit velocity.