Verification of flowmeter for Custody Transfer for Gases


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Michael Schuker

We would like to use a Coriolis mass flowmeter to measure CO2. This flowmeter is used for billing the client. There the flowmeter needs to be approved for Custody transfer.

What possibilities do we have to prove the flowmeter on site?

Is there any standards about this?

Why such an expensive flow meter for metering CO2, a simple fluid ? However...Flow provers are expensive.
You could have an orifice plate in serie. If you order a metering run, the accuracy will be 0.25%. Then you will realise the corriolis is of no use.

Enrique Fernandez Araujo

Try at, they have a lot of custody transfer related standards.

Once I saw a gas prover in the Brooks catalog, it may be a starting point.

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Enrique Fernandez Araujo

Can you tell me please how you can measure CO2 with a coriolis Massflowmeter? They are normally only for liquids. Aren't they? Which one are you using?
No, for several years now it has been possible to measure gases with coriolis meters.

Check out the upcoming November-December Applications Corner column in Flow Control magazine, where I publish an interview with Micromotion Product Manager Kevin Dunphy on a hazardous gas application for coriolis meters.

Walt Boyes



Collect the gas in a container of known volume. Pass the gas thro' meter to pressurize the container. You can calculate the Cu. Ft of gas in container within how much time has filled. That gives you flow rate. Check whether it is O.K.
I have used Micro Motion for this application.

If the custody transfer is in mass unit you can load the CO2 on a truck then weigh it in scale for truck.

If you need any more specific information, feel free to contact me.

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steve cordiner

They are used in the UKCS oil and gas for custody transfer. Try some of the vendors for help, the UK DTI or email some of the main oil and gas operators like shell, bp or exxon, they normally aren't too bad at helping fellow
There is now AGA Starndard for custody transfer measurement in corriolis technology, you can refer AGA 11, best practise generally is put two parrelel runs of the meter with Pay and Check Loop, with this loop you can know either of one meter is faulty and same is to be send for verification, generally this activities are done by accredated laboraties like PIGSAR, ceesi, etc.