Versamax IC200CPU001 Fault


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Ahsan Ejaz

I have a GE-IP Versamax IC200CPU001 PLC. The controller has entered into a fault state (reason unkonwn). As a result, the serial communication between the controller and the Programming PC cannot be established to look for fault tables or other diagnostic options. The CPU LED status is as follows:
Power: Stable Green
OK: Stable Green
Run: Off
Fault: On
Force: On

How can i resolve this fault problem? Is there any way to restore the cpu to factory defaults?
Have u power recycled the processor? If not, then do and check what happens. But if it's a chip level fault then there is no way you can fix it. have faced this situation once with this plc and there was nothing we could do with it other than installing a new processor module and then downloading the backup program onto it.