Versamax Micro Controller Timeout Error


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I am getting a communication timeout error when I try to connect to the Versamax micro PLC from my laptop. I am using serial port 1 on the PLC and a USB to Serial converter cable.

I am using the default communication settings for the PLC. I have adjusted the SNP timers as per the Help File but still no joy.

I have rechecked my cable and all seems to be in order. Any ideas?

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I don't know what Versamax Pro software is. But if you mean VersaPro software, it has been obsolete for more than 10 years and replaced by Proficy Machine Edition. I suggest that you update your software first then try again. Go here to find a supplier:

<b>Moderator's note:</b> I entered Proficy Machine Edition into the search and found an entire page ( Machine Edition) with links to Proficy Machine Edition.

Bob Peterson

I think there is an older version of software that you can acquire at N/C from your local GE distributor to program these units. It is not well advertised as being available at N/C but it is. it is called logicmaster 90/30. it even works in windows.

I don't believe proficy works with the versamax controllers.