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Rob E.

Good-day list members Can any-one tell me if there is software available to monitor the software changes made in a Modicon PLC (Modsoft, Proworx and/or Concept)?? (ie: version control) Thanks in advance Rob E.

Brian Kukulski

Get in touch with Total Control Products. They used to be Taylor Industrial Software (Proworx, Proworx Plus for Modicon) software developers before Schneider had to buy the Modicon programming software from them.(GE now owns Total Control Products). They sell a package called Secureworx that may suit your needs. They are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Phone number is 780-420-2000.

Thomas Swift

You may also want to look at another product from GE Fanuc, called Fx Manager. Fx Manager is a server based program which does file management, revision control and lots more. It works with any windows file including PLC programming software, CAD files etc. regards, Thomas Swift
Actually, SecureWorx is out of date. As Schneider bought out the Taylor people responsible for the software design as well as the software, they have their own new version. The new software which does as SecureWorx did is called fxManager. fxManager should allow all of the same things as SecureWorx did, but it gets along much better with the other programming softwares and newer hardware than SecureWorx.


Garth Bennett

A product called "MASS AutoSave" is designed for this purpose. It works well with Modicon, Allen-Bradley, and several other manufactuers PLC. I cannot say that I am totally unbiased as our company is a Manufactures Rep. for this product. MASS AutoSave can handle several aspects, including the revison control (with author's comments, secure authorized program launching (i.e. Modsoft, etc.), etc.) Have a look at our website at Select "Products", then "MASS AutoSave"

Manoj Kalekar

The best solution for such requirements is Microsoft Visual Source Safe. It works with all types of files. It has comparison tool but works with text files. Good to label your files and keep backup of all the old copy of the same file. You can roll back to your old file and make it the latest. Worth trying.. Bye.
None of the major version management packages support PLC software, they just treat them as text (if you are lucky) or binary files. And they do not intergrate with PLC programming software like they do with MS Visual programs like VB. MS is not the only choice. I use QVCS, which is much cheaper and suits me fine. See Francis

Robert Smyth

There are quite a few revision control software packages around. Have a search for RCE or Revision Control Engine. Robert Smyth EngWare Pty Ltd Voice: 0411 202 514 Fax: 02 9222 1457 E-mail: [email protected]
I've not used it myself, but what about a general Document Management System such as INVU ? This apparently can be used to version control and manage all types of documents. If you are managing text files then CVS is free (GNU), and comes with most Linux distros. If I am covering old ground, I apologise. Regards Mark Hutton Software Engineer mailto:[email protected] My Yac: + 44 (0)7092 032237 (voice, fax and messaging (
Actually, I think you have the wrong end of the stick here. The postings above for the products FX Manager and MASS Autosave are specifically geared up for controlling versions of PLC databases and functions such as Compare, Backup and Restore. They also have Audit trails and security as well.