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Tim O'Reardon

In my company we have the idea of using very small notebook computers to be able to communicate to PLCs, programmable scanners, MMIs etc. The computer must have an RS232 port, at least one PCMCIA slot, 200Mhz processor or above, minimum 750Mbyte HDD, no FDD required, colour monitor and any other features as long as the whole package is very small.

The idea is to use wireless Ethernet for retrieving files from our server and then communicating locally to the device through the RS232 port or via the wireless Ethernet without having to go back to the office to get a larger computer. Hopefully the computer could fit into an large overall pocket.

Thanks for any info

Tim O'Reardon
I'm not sure this meets every criteria you're looking for, but the HP Jornada 680 works with Rockwell Software's RS Pocket Logix product. RSPocketLogix is an industrial maintenance and commissioning tool designed for Microsoft Windows CE.

You didn't mention what type of PLC you were working with, but this should fit your intended purpose if it happens to be a SLC 500 or MicroLogix 1000.

Hope it helps!