VFD Parameters


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Iam a student and doing Project. Please help me for information. How many parameters are set on VFD.
What make vfd you are using. In most of the vfd the motor name plate details are required to be entered, then the current limit seetings. Then the mode of operation of the drive, (i.e. by remote or from the key pad)
If you inform the drive you are using then we can discuss in detail.
Most of the drive is having the auto tune facility.
Wow, that's a loaded question.

Every VFD I have ever used has had at least the same basic settings required to make your drive suit your needs. Many of the drives have way too many setings and some have hundreds.

Only a user's manual for the particular drive you have along with a good understanding of the application at hand will help you with the details.

Typical of the (bare minimum) settings you will have to modify are the accel and decel times, maximum frequency and motor overload protection settings (if used). From there, you get involved with all the added features of a particular drive.