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Blair Weiss


I purchased Phil Covington's ABE driver before seeing all the requests for help, and his lack of support.

The example on the website would be fine, if the DLL hadn't been reved' and the methods have been changed. The example code on the site is worthless.

I am getting the same error as a prior poster, something to do with a socket error 10061.

If someone has got this working, I just need a snippet to get me on track.

Thanks in Advance!
I found this explaination in a FAQ.

Winsock error 10061 means that the server you are attempting to connect to is actively refusing the connection. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host.


Chuck Karwoski

Blair - Here's one possible cause of the 10061 error: AB controllers have a limit on the number of concurrent socket connections supported, with the number of concurrent connections being controller specific. If the controller connections are exhausted, any additional connection attempts will be rejected.

If you are running applications such as RSLinx, or DDE/OPC Servers that communicate the controller, try terminating those programs to see if this resolves your issue.

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Chuck Karwoski

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Given Bill's answer, you must make sure the device you are contacting supports AB/Ethernet (or formally CSP) on TCP port 2222.

SLC5/05 and PLC5E will support it.

ControlLogix, ENI, and most newer Rockwell Ethernet products WILL NOT support it - they support ODVA Ethernet/IP.

Aiming a client trying to open a TCP socket to remote port 2222 will result in what Bill mentions - a refusal (RST) by the remote server/PLC

- LynnL, www.digi.com

Phil Covington


I was living out of the US from Spring of 2003 and just have now returned. Unfortunately my ISP in Romania was not very reliable and I missed many emails sent to my vhmi account. I appologise that I have only now seen this message.

Socket error 10061 usually occurs either because RSLinx is running (limiting open connections to the PLC) or because you are trying to connect to the wrong port number. The .Control_SocketNumber property of the ABE driver defaults to 2222 which is correct for the PLC5 and SLC500 PLCs. ControLogix modules usually use port 44818. If you are trying to connect to ControlLogix you must set the .Control_SocketNumber property to 44818. The above port numbers are the default. The can be configured in the module or PLC to be different so you need to check those too.


Phil Covington