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Manuel Santos Jr

Hello List,
We are to buy Vibration Analysis instrument for Preventive Maintenance, currently we have eyed two vendors the SKF's Microlog and CSI. Can someone who had experience in this can share their idea and the pros/cons of this two.
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Trevor Ousey

At the previous workplace, we used the SKF Microlog and the Online Unit (I forget the model) using SKF's Prism2 with FAM, and then getting Prism4. They were still using Prism2, dos based, and it is quite good with the Fam addon module. I believe with Fam it provides some more features than the CSI unit, but you need to do more work with setting it up. IMO the SKF was better, but if you're not going to commit to it 100%, the CSI may be easier.

We also had a modelling program with Prism4, but I never got to set it up. The other items to consider are the sensors, we had a couple of different accelormeters and we should have also got a SEE technology sensor to monitor new bearings. Generally don't bother with the velocity type sensors as velocity measurement is
not an ideal bearing monitor. Accelorometers can monitor velocity measurements. Our online system had 60 accelerometers, monitor both acceleration and velocity, and a couple of analogue signals
from some VF Drives. We used both FAM, FFT filtering and another feature of SKF which you can fit a line around the spectrum line of the device being monitored. Sorry if I rambled on,
but I was quite interested in both systems.

Trevor Ousey
Kalangadoo, South Australia.
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Dear sir,

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