Vibration Probe Part Number for Bently Nevada Vibration System


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Dear all,

we are using GE Frame-V gas turbine machine for power generation, and using Mark-5 control system. In our GE/ Thomassen gas turbine, bearing no-2 we are using 2 radial vibration probes "39VS-21 & 39VS-22,these are 7200 series 5mm proximitor probes having GE/Thomassen part number-2148.1380.230. These probes are half portion rigid and half portion flexible, and I think more than or equal to 1.5 meter length. Probes are connected to 9 meter system Bentley Nevada proximitor having part number 18745-04,and output connected to Bentley Nevada 3300 panel.

My question is, If anybody using the same system, please provide the part number of the extension cable.
Dear all,

I will try to provide you the P/N only of the extension cable (9m) may be in one I am out of office and home.
Be patient.....
Dear all,

The P/N for the extension
cable (9m) is


Normally for a sensor with 50cm of cable.

Same for a sensor with 150 cm of cable

See you shyam
Tell us if this PN is ok