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Chris Ryan

List, I was wondering if any one has any information on digitally recording streaming video from a certain IP address. The idea is that we have installed several video servers from AXIS (2401, 2400). With these online we use an active x object that was supplied by the server manufacturer to display this streaming video on our web pages and HMI (Cimplicity). My thoughts were to digitally record the streaming data that is available from these axis boxes to modify and improve the work practices (steel making process). We currently record the data analog via a coax connection on the camera, but I want to jump to digital. Chris "RYNO" Ryan Electrical Engineer Bethlehem Steel Corp. Sparrows Point Div. PPI - Slab Group [email protected] 410.388.7817

Korsak Maciej

I am currently writing software for visualization boiler drum level using AXIS 2400 (PAL). Active X control from AXIS was useless. We have to show only 1/10 of camera image to user with additional x3 zoom. Reading data from Axis is easy, more complicated is to do real time display. In your case image archive is more critical. Storage of the video (database or file system) should be arrange according to requirement of archive users. If you have to record 30 frames per second it will make sense to convert Motion-JPEG to MPG1.