Video to monitor oil spills


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Wilmer Finol

Hello List,
I have a system that I am controlling remotely. But now I need to get a video signal of the process equipment to monitor eventual spills of oil.

Can any one tell me any company or brand of video equipment suitable for my application. I do not need real time video, if I get 1 image per minute or something similar, that will be fine.

I already have a radio link communication 9600 bpd (point to point 12miles), using modbus protocol.

Thanks..........................Wilmer Finol

Clark Southoff

Dear Wilmer:

Check Unbound Technologies for their Rig watch system.

These are digital cameras for explosive atmospheres and communicate serially over RF or modem or RS-485 or RS-232.

It is specifically designed for remote monitoring of well sites. I have found these people innovative and reliable.

Best regards

Clark Southoff
Technology Wranglers Inc.