view2t.exe Trigger in MkV HMI

Steam turbine with MkV HMI WinNT on an island grid that has frequency fluctuations.

We have a historian to analyze power system disturbances, but the resolution is 1sec which is too slow.

I'm familiar with View2.exe and can use it to catch the information I need, but I do not know when the system disturbances will occur and somebody will have to continuously "re-start" the program.

In the MkV manual I see a description of View2t.exe which is supposed to run a circular memory buffer continuously and then write the data to a file when a trigger occurs. I remember the GE TA talking about this on his last visit.

From the manual it appears that I need a logic trigger to initiate the "write" of the recorded data. Does this sound correct?

I'm asking for suggestions or input on how to get the data I need for a few seconds surrounding an fast transient during system disturbances.

I know the points I need (RPM, V1, TPWR, etc), but how would I create a "trigger"? I guess I could create my own logic block that monitors system frequency and if it deviates quickly, do a "trigger".

The idea would be to leave the view2t.exe run in the background continuously and catch events. Am I on the correct path?
View2T is pretty self explanatory in the documentation. I understand that. I was looking more for information regarding setting up a logic point to trigger the view2t.

Regardless, I got some input from the GE TA that visited our site. He said I will probably have to add a comparator in the sequence to create a logic for the View2t to trigger against.

Just following up for others to see.
If there is no existing logic that changes state at about the time your event occurs, then, yes; you'll need to create one to use as a trigger.