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Could you please tell me what is the shortest and most economical way to get your HMI screens found in the factory floor seen on the internet, from anywhere in the world.

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Dean Kindrai


If you use Total Control Products fxView HMI software, all you need to do is check a screen configuration box that is labeled "Publish as HTML". The software takes care of setting up the server services and everything. The same holds true for all tags (you can read ANY variable that is enabled this way over the internet). They have a customer that uses this capability to view screens and data in automated coffee grinding equipment in gorcery stores. They use the data to control inventories.

I think it is much better to use the native capability of an HMI software rather than a 3rd party add in function.

For further information, contact Total Control Products.

Eddie Shultz

What HMI? If you use Rockwell Software you can try there RSWebserver we have had good success with it. However it only static snapshots. If you want dynamic try RSView plus Active display server.

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You might want to check out InduSoft's Web Studio product ( Web Studio allows the use of popular Web browsers to display real-time, dynamic and animated graphic screens, trends, alarms, reports and recipes. In addition, it allows you to save recipes, reports and real-time data using XML format.
If you are doing a new project or adding to an old one Iconics has a tool called WEBHMI which will allow you to see your screens and have control (only if you want to) from anywhere via the internet.

Bob Miller