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Fritschal Terheijden

We want to show 2 live video signals (RGB-input, PAL-signal) from a Video-Matrix on a SCADA-Screen. SCADA-package is not selected yet, but it will eventually be a Client-Server architecture. Only the Server has Video-inputs, the Clients do not... but, video needs to be viewed on the Clients as well.

Any experience in this matter is welcome.

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

A client of mine used to do this with wonderware and an application called svw, it is not in use anymore but if you need to know more about it I know who set it up and can try get you some help.

Donald Pittendrigh
Check out the Siemens package called WinCC. They have much experience with this, they even have the camera.

Lunnon, Robert

Yes, run a separate line and install separate monitors for the video (Use TV standards) use the scada for channel selection only. Video does not belong on the same network as SCADA data, it consumes too much bandwidth and increases the indeterminacy of non-deterministic networks like ethernet.

(Well as least IMHO)


Prabhat Ranjan

We have used a USB based capture card from Dazzle to capture live video and used real producer from Real Networks to provide streaming video to clients. Any client having real player (available free) can see the video image. The bandwidth consumption is about 150 Kbps. If the network speed is 100 Mbps, then it is not much of a problem. Of course, Real Producer allows you to adjust the rates to slower bandwidth with corresponding reduction in quality of the live video.

Advantage is no separate cabling and no hardware at client's end. One can play multiple channel by possibly having multiple capture card. We just put a scanner and switched the live video channels every 20 second. We are now working on a Cheap solution using inexpensive multiple TV tuner cards to do the same work.

I hope it helps!

- Prabhat Ranjan

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Fritschal Terheijden

Thanks for your comprehensive reply. Do you by any chance know if there is an ActiveX variant of the Real-player? That way we can
incorporate the viewer in the SCADA-application.


Honeywell has a new product that integrates live video, camera control (PTZ) and digital recording into either a web browser OR into the Honeywell HMI.

The product is called Digital Video Manager.
About a year ago, I evaluated several packages for a similar application. (The client wanted to display and control process and security cameras from inside Wonderware.) Multiple vendors offer hardware to compress and transmit security
camera video signals for remote site monitoring. Many can handle transmission over POTS, ISDN, ethernet, etc. A few offer client-side browser plug-ins or Active-X controls, which could be integrated into Wonderware.

One that promising at the time was Blue Box Video. They were an approved Wonderware partner. Unfortunately, they appear to have gone out of business.

The project died due to the costs involved, and concerns about network bandwidth. (Not to mention my concerns about resource-hungry 3rd party plug-ins.)

A standard 14" TV monitor is cheap, reliable, and easy to hang over the Wonderware PC. I installed a video mux, and multiple monitors, for a fraction
of the cost of the original plan. As someone else noted, you can configure most video muxes and switches to switch views based on contact inputs. If the client wants to control the TV from Wonderware, just send a few discrete I/O between your PLC and mux.

Hope this helps.

Giuseppe Bettini

Using Movicon, a scada package from Progea, you can drive all the videos supported from your Win NT or 2000 Operative System.
We have already tested. Using an appropriated function, you can decide for each synoptic in wich screen have to be displayed.
I hope you will find this useful for you.
Giuseppe Bettini
Use Media player with your TV tuner card to view video. The TV tuner application comes free with your video card. In case you use linux, use
xawTV and similar applications in other platforms.

It would be very convenient if you use browser based SCADA, for you can embed Video into your screen along with other HTML tags.

We have a solution where the you can connect your composite video output from the matrix to a video encoder. The encoder acts as a server to eitehr hardware or software clients. The software client can be either a standalone client application (which is provided with the Encoder) or through an ACTIVEX control that can be incorporated into your SCADA application. We have done tests with INTOUCH and it worked seamlessly. The resolution is dependant upon the product chosen info can be found at:


We have a number of video integration options contact "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected] for more details if required.

mustafa guler

I want to tune multiple tv cards (initiallly) and grab still images (in steady state) from them via software. I need some ideas:
- installing them to a Windows PC?
- tunning every card to a predefined channel?
- grabing still images (traversing them in software)?