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Dear PV and all,

To view the exact cause of a turbine trip in Mk6 controlled turbine, I go to <C> historian data -then to "trip Log" and then to "data collection file" as per the trip date and time. On getting the "trend" display, I choose the most wanted signals from the whole lot of signals list and then go to "EXPORT trend Data" to see the signals in CSV format.

I would like to know, how exactly we pin- point the "trigger" point and the logic signal which caused the "trip" in the trend display and how to view the CSV format in "WIN PLOT"(where to look for the "win plot".). Kindly guide me..

Pin L4T is most often the trigger point. The trigger point is defined at the TR_SIG of the _CAPTURE macro. The are usually 4 or 5 macro blocks in a M6B file located under the Trip_History task. The _CAPTURE macro will also determine how many points are to be recorded pre and post to the trigger signal.

To find what truly caused the trip (and triggered L4T) you will need to examine the trip and event log.

WINPLOT is obsolete and was developed for MK5. (although some people refuse to let it die and use it on MK6). Do yourself a favour, throw it away and start using the trender that is installed as part of Toolbox. It's almost 2011.

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well , have to agree with all that 309kguy has said. the capture data (_capture) block is used for the trip log and data historian configuration. you can input up to 32 signals in single capture block which will be stored in the *.trn file. the trigger point for the trip log is by default L4T or L4.

if you are asking for what all signals to trend for a specific trip it will be quite hard-pressed for anyone to type all here. if you can be a little more specific and ask about a particular trip it would be a whole lot easy.

There is no hard and fast rule to analyze a trip , many people have different methods each works out for them. over time and experience you will evolve one of your own :). in mark vi you have the TCI alarm and SOE recorder , the trip log , the historian and also the graphics page itself; all these will provide you with sufficient data to analyse the trip.

winplot is a fantastic application for the Mark V , but you have a versatile trend recorder and viewer for mark vi in the toolbox itself. the *.trn file is read directly by the toolbox , it provides you with a great platform to analyze the trends. you need not have to export to csv , then analyze it in winplot.