Vijeo CITECT Modbus TCP via USB

So I use PLC TM221C16T, and I want to connect it with scada, for the ladder I use the usb port, since it didnt have ethernet port except for the modbus serial component, so how to connect the vijeo citect via usb?
Dear Farahgan,
Am I understanding this correctly?
Your are using a modicon PLC of this type:
And you want to connect to SCADA.

I assume your SCADA application runs on a windows PC and you want to connect the Schneider Modicon PLC to the PC.
You are currently using only USB.
It puzzles me a bit, since the Modicon PLC you mention has an ethernet port you can use for the Modbus TCP (ethernet) protocol. You can consider using the Modicon PLC as a modbus TCP slave. And your windows PC running the SCADA is set to modbus TCP master.
Now, what is nice about modbus TCP is that it can run in parallel with other ethernet protocols on your same ethernet port of your windows PC.

But ok, if you want or have to USB you can use a so-called USB to RS-485 convertor and use the modbus RTU RS-485 serial port on the modicon PLC.
On the bottom of this page is the so-called COM-K2 convertor that I use a lot. You plug it into a windows PC. You check on which serial COM-port number windows mapped the serial port. And use that com-port number in your scada application.

Remember that windows maps different com-port numbers for the same usb interface when you plug it into another port. So always try to plug it into the same port of your pc.

Here is also very easy to use SCADA software. The good thing about it, is that it supports an enormous lot of hardware. Modbus TCP (ethernet) and RTU (RS-485 serial) are well supported.

You can also consider using a Pro-face touchpanel for the SCADA. They also support modbus RTU/TCP very well.

Please give us more information so we can help you better.
There is a lot of experience around here on this forum.

Best regards,
Patrick Duis