VIM I/O Module Commissioning & Communication using VIM I/O definition


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Before setting up Norton antivirus on MIMIC workstation, the VIM Card was commissioned & was working fine. we were able to simulate the modules without any error, created by using Delta V FHX utility from MIMIC Explorer. but on setting up/Updating Norton antivirus, i found that the Simulation node (MIMIC Explorer, under Simulation Database) was started without any I/O definition & without communicating with DCS. To solve the issue i decided to decommission the VIM Card & re Commission it again. by creating new place holder for it. but The VIM Card is not seen in decommission list to Re-Commission it again.

Kindly suggest the solution.....

Edin Rakovic

Based on the information you have provided and our past experiences we have seen that the Norton Antivirus software prevents communications between the MiMiC Station and the Virtual IO Modules. Not only does Norton impact the communications because it filter most if not all incoming and outgoing data but it also puts a heavy load on the system. By loading the system it is ultimately using resources that the MiMiC Software needs to function properly.

To troubleshoot this issue further we would like you to go ahead and uninstall Norton Antivirus Software. At that point we will be able to recover the VIM and restore communications.

Please let us know if you have further questions or would like to us to guide you through the decommissioning of the VIM once Norton is uninstalled.
HI Edin!!!

Thanks for the information, as i was also suspecting the same.
I have uninstall Norton Antivirus from the MIMIC workstation. But the VIM module is still not visible in the decommission list to re- commissioning it again. here i have one more doubt
like before uninstalling Norton i decommissioned VIM Module & deleted its place holder. now when i create a new place holder its IP address differs from the first place holder. change in the IP address of the new Place holder to the first Place holder's IP address is not accepted. May be Place holder gets deleted from the database only...???

Now to Re-Commission the VIM i would try plugging out the VIM Module from the two wide carrier, (isolating it from the network) & then plug in again. This might help me to get the VIM in decommission list.

kindly guide me with your expertise.
Please some one guide me on my query posted on 1st April. Am i doing the right thing by taking out the VIM card from two wide carrier to isolate it from the network & putting it back to see it on De-commission node to re commission it again.