VIPA CPU214 and off the shelf MMC card


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Does Simatic Manager allow a 'copy RAM to ROM' to a DP slave VIPA CPU214, configured under the group DP200V? The Vipa CPU214 has a standard [non-Siemens formatted] buy-off-the-shelf MMC card. When attempting this activity, the 'copy RAM to ROM' activity starts okay but bombs out on error message 33:16654 [Online : connection aborted]

Note: Can communicate ok with the VIPA CPU direct from laptop to MP2i port on CPU for downloads, etc.
Yes, the STEP7 copy RAM to ROM does work with VIPA 214 CPUs. The 200V range of CPUs has the following memory structure:
Work memory
Data memory
Load memory
Flash memory internal
MMC memory external

When you do a copy RAM to ROM, the program will be copied to Internal Flash at the same time also to MMC card.

As such you actually only need a MMC in a VIPA 200V for backup externally, because the internal Flash is permanent and not volatile or battery backed.

As far as your fault problem, please check if the project is actually on the MMC, if not VIPA support can be reached on [email protected]