VIPA PLC (cpu 315SN) Siemens S7 300 Communication Problem


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Hi All,
Can anyone of you HELP me, as i am stuck-up in using the VIPA PLC (CPU 315sn) that uses a Siemens S7 Protocol...

I Have a immediate project that needs to be completed within a short span of time, My BOSS Is Back of MEeeee!....

I have a VIPA PLC that shows a CPU 315SN on it, i got to use siemens S7 protocol (it seems) just to fetch a value from the PLC's Address and plot a graph using the Visual Basic which is a small and a important part of my ongoing project

As i am new to this field, i started with few download samples that didnt help me much...

If some one knows how to handle this issue will really be a life saver

All that i need is :
> Dll/OCX That can communicate with the PLC(VIPA)
> A Sample code/snippet using the above
> And ofcourse your Valuable Suggestions

Many Thanks
Rudesh Kumar S

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The best way is to use the VIPA OPC server (or Siemens OPC server) using the ISO RFC1006 S7 functions connection.

Visual basic supports OPC connection, you can instead use the "Automation Wrapper" commonly found on the internet to help interface VB to the OPC standard.

Rgds Boofh