Virtualized Old Hard Disk with Intouch Communication Problem


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I'm a system integrator which so far has only done Siemens. Now we visited a plant that has a Wonderware Intouch SCADA problem, where I'm not well versed, so please tell me what do you think of this:

There's a PC with Intouch communicating with S5 via Ethernet (CP1413). That PC broke, but somehow they got the content (hard disk) moved into a virtual machine (VMware) of a new PC. It seems the old PC is running Windows 98 and the new one is Windows XP.

Now when they try to connect the new PC with exactly the same content of the old running one but now inside VMware virtual machine, they got no communication. I already changed the IP address to static and we can ping another PC on the same network.

So to the Intouch errors:

First, if they launch Window Viewer there would pop up window saying "Cannot access topic *** for Access Name *** Start application "H1CP1413.EXE". By some google, I found it (I forgot whether access or topic name) blank where the computer name should be and so we put the computer name, but the error persist.

Another thing, the H1CP1413, which is supposed to be the communication driver to S5, application, even when the cable is disconnected, displays "GOOD" communication status.

Another strange thing is, when we start the H1CP1413 application without first starting Window Viewer, there is nothing listed, but if we start the Window Viewer, the PLC will appear. Is that what it is supposed to be? I'm just thinking it should be able to confirm communication to S5 even without the Intouch running right?

I don't know any more specifics since I'm not familiar with Intouch but what do you guys think about this situation in general? Also I haven't checked whether they also moved the Siemens CP1413 along with the software from the old PC to the new one, but they probably
did and I'll update this once they replied.

Thanks for any response!