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Jeremy Pollard

When was the first time you saw, heard, or ran into industrial viruses
and/or malware in your line of work?

Can you remember what it was? and of course where it came from?

So mine was 3 years ago when an individual plugged in a USB device which was infected. It wasn't the kind of 'worm' that goes thru the network which made me think it was an old one. How old? Not sure... these machines on the network are not internet exposed.

I had to up date the AntiV sware manually to clear it. What strain it was I can't tell you.. but it obviously wasn't very malicious.

Wonder when all of this started in our space?

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!
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Must have been 35 years ago a virus was imported into the laptops used for Modicon configuration. It didn't do any harm to the PLC but it slowed the laptops down to a point where they were almost useless for troubleshooting the PLCs.
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