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Steve P

Does anyone know of where I can download a stencil for Visio which gives SAMA symbols for functional diagramming of instruments and control systems?

Tapas K.Bhattacharya

I am also interested to know, and quite cofident to make this symbols in sama way by visio tool, if at all I don't find in web search. It is quite easy if you collaborate with me. or co-ordinate for Interested guys like me.

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Unfortunately, you are out of luck as best I can tell. I recently purchased a CD from ISA called P&ID Clip symbols which I assumed would contain the SAMA symbols. I assumed wrong. It turns out the measurement, control and automation association ( bought the rights to the old SAMA stuff and does not license anyone to distribute it electronically. I spoke with a lady at and she indicated that they have no interest in having the symbols in electronic form. About the only hope I see is if someone just sits down and draws them all up and decides to share them.
Regarding the ISA P&ID Clip Symbols CD. Nothing against ISA - they are a top notch group of which I am a member but the CD is not worth $20, much less the $99 they want. There are only 154 symbols on the entire disk. The stencils that come with Visio Pro are more useful. ISA was real good about it though and let me return the cd for a refund.

Fred, and others interested in this topic.
A bit of a preamble:
During the last few projects that I have completed I have become quite
impressed with the time savings in commissioning, the improvements in both
quality and quantity of input from other disciplines, the ability of
operations personnel to understand and comment on the data presented, all
obtained by the use of logic diagramming. This started about 10 years ago
with working for an "old cougar" engineer with a background in power plant
and turbine control, who insisted on end-to-end (including the hardwiring)
logics. Its amazing how often we referred to those documents during
startups, and even now when considering improvements.
But the process of drawing these on AutoCAD is way too expensive and
cumbersome. And I have long been bothered by the look of some of the
standard symbols provided by the various packages.
I have worked up a number of the symbols in Visio and am impressed by the
programmability and productivity of that software. This winter I will have
some time, and would not mind taking on the task of organizing and creating
a useful symbol set. Anyone interested in contributing to the topic can
contact me via the email at the bottom of the intro page on my web site


Fred, I thought so. I have produced diagrams from a set of SAMA symbols I made up myself. But they're fairly basic. It would be nice to have the auto functionality of the symbols in the standard Visio stencil for logic diagrams eg. to be able to select the number of inputs on a high select switch etc. At the moment I have to draw a symbol for each number of inputs.

Looks like we'll have to make our own.